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Surviving Design School (via GoMediaZine)

Monday, March 9th, 2009

In design school, I wish I had known as much as I do now about building websites, typography, branding, packaging, RSS feeds and blogs, billing clients, presenting work, email and web campaigns, how to write a proper email to a client/vendor, how to prep things for print, how to properly research a project/client, how to keep my files organized and archived, and so on. That will be another article(s), but until then, Tom Faraci wrote a great article for GoMediaZine called Surviving Design School that’s 100% worth reading.

So what are your thoughts? What was most helpful? Do you already do those things or use those resources? Leave a comment on GoMediaZine and re-comment it here for other UG2 members. It’s not that much more work.

Epic Fail

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I’d like to apologize for the CSS tutorial tonight. I forgot to account for the varying levels of web experience/knowledge. And since the next tutorial was going to be advanced CSS techniques, I decided to cater to those who had no experience in web tonight. Even though, after the fact, it was probably way too much information for them to absorb regardless.

So to make up for the apparent boredom, next tutorial will be hardcore. All are welcome to attend, but I promise there will be material Berg didn’t cover in Web I.

Heck! If there’s something that’s been bugging you or you’ve always wondered how they did something, leave a comment and I’ll tell you how to do it next Thursday. Please leave comments before Wednesday so I can prepare.

Here’s the list of topics I was going to address:

  • Hover-crafts everywhere
  • Lists gone wild
  • HTML to PHP (includes)
  • Float is for boats
  • Hold that position
  • Transparency/PNG fun
  • Internet Explorer checklist
  • Overflow divs
  • Sexy descriptions
  • Abbreviations/acronyms
  • Multi-class divs
  • Elastic design
  • CSS shorthand
  • Z-index
  • I Spry with My Little Eye

Inspiring Typography Tales (Smashing Magazine)

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

So, another great article from Smashing Magazine – hopefully this will be redundant to some of you (if you are subscribed to the RSS).

This one’s about ‘Inspiring Typography Tales’ and it is just that. In the article you’ll get a great little history lesson about a few typefaces, a look into the New York City Subway font choice (Helvetica), a bit about Zapf Dingbats, an awesome video collection of ‘opening titles’ from Kyle Cooper, AND…

wait for it…

…the history behind Comic Sans!

This was super interesting and quite the story I was not expecting. I’m not saying you don’t have to stop disliking it, just that you should have a better understanding of the reason it came to be.

And since I know you’re so interested, here’s what the creator, Vincent Connare says about his (mostly disliked) font.